★Digital Art vs Traditional Art★


Frances Lim, Contributor

★Differences and similarities of the two★


So the point in writing this was so people can tell the differences between the two because I know there are people who think they are very similar.


★Digital Art★

  To start, digital art has many differences from traditional art starting with you drawing on a phone, iPad, computer, and other devices with an art program instead of using paper. Second, some people when drawing on an iPad or phone use their finger or sometimes a pen only for touch screen devices. With digital art, there are also tools to make a perfectly straight line, circle, square, star, and basically any shape you can think of. One more minor difference is the undo button and re-do button if you make mistakes or want to re-do something. The three biggest differences (in my opinion) I would like to point out are layers, animation, and flitters/effects/others. Starting with layers, Layers allow you to draw on top or below another layer depending on the order you put the layers in, this is most helpful for coloring line art by putting the layer that you are going to color on under the line art and you will not go over line art. Animation can be done on paper in the form of a flip book but most of the time it does not come out very smoothly, however, with digital art you can double that layer and move the part you want to make move on the next frame. Lastly, flitter and effects can help with making the colors go better together by adding something like a tint, motion blurring to show motion, glitch to make things look glitchy, and many others. There are many other filters and effects that you can play around with but I can’t list all of them.

I had asked a friend of mine who does both digital and traditional art about digital art. She stated, “for me, there are a lot of advantages that make it easier”.

★Traditional Art★

We have all tried traditional art at one point, maybe on the side of your notebook in class, at home when bored, or maybe you have art class, either way, everyone has tried it once, you can use just a paper and pencil or taking it to another level using fancy supplies like oil paints, watercolor paints, colored pencils, and others. With traditional art, it might cost more than just drawing on a device with a drawing program/app. Now I say this because art supplies can run out and you would have to buy more and some supplies can cost a lot of money, the cost of art supplies can start at the cost of a few cents to hundreds of dollars. Quality of the art supplies does count, some brands might be better at blending or more vibrant color. A tip I would like to give is that just because some art supplies are more expensive doesn’t always mean it is better, I say try different supplies till you find something that works for you.  With traditional art some supplies wouldn’t work as well on some paper or canvas, watercolor paints are a good example of needed to use a different type of paper because normal paper might break when too many watercolors are added to it, so it is important to know what type of paper to use depending on the type of art supplies you use. 

I had asked someone who also does traditional and some digital art he states “pencil and paper drawing is fun and for me easier to do than digital art”.


So traditional art and digital art are very different but both are just as amazing and there are endless styles of art. Both types of art are about practicing and finding a style you like. There is no right or wrong way to make art of course. There is more than just digital art and traditional art, this is just what I wanted to compare and contrast as well as the two I know the most about. So a reminder this article was written to show the difference between the two. Also, keep in mind, I am not a professional artist this is just what I know, and from my experience.