Don’t throw that away!

Dont throw that away!

Zackary Jones, Contributor

Old items are worth a lot now!

You might own these old items that were cheap but are now expensive!

Some of the items that you could have been

  • Action Comics No. 1 is worth 3.2 million
  • 2018-19 Luka Doncic Basketball Card worth 4.6 million 
  • First Edition Where The Wild Things Are worth 20,000 
  • Nike Air Jordan 1s worth 560,000


The times that these were made were 

 June of 1938, 2018/2019, November 13, 1963, March 1985.

You might find some of these items in your home in a box or on a shelf so if you think you might have them you should look. People think that some of these items are so expensive because they are super old or just because it is the first version of it. How to get them well it would take a lot of money and research to find these things and buy them. Not all items that are worth a lot now are old some of them are just rare or were a limited-time exclusive like the 2018/2019 Luka Doncic Basketball Card was not made a long time ago but it was an exclusive.

“It’s crazy to think that things worth 0.05 cents are now worth thousands of dollars” according to an interview with someone that found some items in their house.

If you think about it anything could be expensive now just look at the things that make this list it just depends on what the quality is and if it is rare or old. Someone that found a Grandmaster Chime Watch, calls it the most “complicated” wristwatch “ever made” and they sold it for 31.19 million dollars. Just keep in mind that anything you see has the potential to be valuable or worth a lot of money. Maybe, eventually, the computer/phone you are using could be worth a lot more money in the future!