Baseball season is coming back!


Elaine Kim, Contributor

Which team is going to win the world series this year?

Baseball spring training has started!

With training going on we are about to have entertainment in front of our eyes!  Who do you think is going to win the World Series?

For example, about rookie players making a hit, Ohtani made a home run during spring training! Imagine that during an actual game! He went against the Rockies. Trout is in disbelief about how it brings back memories from Little League when playing with Ohtani.

He says “It’s like little league. You got Ohtani, throw eight innings, hit a homer, and go to right field. I’ve never seen it… It’s amazing.” -Mike Trout. Even the Angels manager says that he’s a supportive persona and a great teammate! “He’s a sweetheart.” -Joe Maddon. Ohtani is a great example of how rookie players are making a difference and a hit in baseball right now in 2022!