Sports make a comeback in 2021-2022


Megan Nguyen, Contributor

This year in TRMS many students have participated in sports/clubs during and outside of school.

Some sports of quarters past are volleyball, basketball, and cross country. Students enjoy doing extracurricular activities and have teams to compete, whether through intramural sports at our school or county teams. Sports are also a great way of getting outside exercise! At TRMS, students participate in sports with Mr. Shay and there is typically after school practice. Many of the activities are usually on the field for sports practice and exercise. Many TRMS students are participating in TRACK and FIELD this quarter.

Currently, they have practice every Tuesday and Thursday.

Interviews: Many friends and students that are currently doing track enjoy it and it is really fun. 

Others also say they enjoy outdoor sports outside of school (after school, typically).

Sounds like it is a good experience for everybody!