Is It Beneficial to Learn a Second Language?


Shelby MacNeil, Contributor

How does learning a second language benefit your life?

Around the world, there are countless languages spoken. Within each and every one of them, there is a sense of beauty portrayed when being used daily. Aside from saying you are bilingual, how does learning a second language benefit you in numerous aspects of your life?

By learning another language, you set yourself up for success in the academic and educational world. For example, most colleges have a minimal foreign language requirement to be accepted.

Learning another language is beneficial and necessary for success in life.

“Learning another language also provides many other benefits, including greater academic achievement, greater cognitive development, and more positive attitudes towards other languages and cultures.” -ACTFL (,in%20the%20modern%20global%20marketplace.)

Being bilingual also contributes to you getting a job. In today’s economic world, companies are looking for individuals that could offer more regard for cultural diversity. Companies worldwide are looking for multilingual individuals that can help promote sales to different cultures. The rise in demand for bilingual employees in the United States has almost doubled in five years. 

“Learning another language can be beneficial if you’re interested in changing your career to a growing field. Organizations around the world are aware of cultural diversity.” -The Language Doctors (

Today in the world, being bilingual is very important in our life’s social, academic, and career aspects. So, would you be interested in learning a second language? If so, which one?