Behind the Scenes: Dances & Pep Rallies


Khloe Manriquez, Contributor

Hard work and planning of our fun school events

Commencing the school year, the ASB works its very best in planning for our fun school events. They brainstorm ideas and share their suggestions with other students in their team. Diligently, the leadership class plans every decoration and script for the dances and pep rallies. ASB plans about 3 dances and 3 pep rallies each year! Working hard and increasing school spirit is something admirable that they always successfully achieve for TRMS!

In this class, leadership skills are essential. The students get to choose the themes, games, decorations, and more when planning lively school events.  ASB is divided into four groups, or teams, that rotate every once in a while, giving each person a different role. These roles are what help plan the dance, pep rallies, 5 star-stores, lunchtime activities, and even Instagram posts!

ASB leader Emily Chi shared, “I enjoy planning with the other students and it’s the process that’s the most enjoyable, and seeing everything come together at the end is great. My favorite thing to do while planning is brainstorming, where everyone just sits in a circle and spills out random ideas.

As many people know, ASB uses a lot of materials and decorations to achieve an amazing vibe at school activities and events. The money that makes these events possible comes from fundraising at the beginning of the year.

ASB director, Ms. Amorin said, “Our finances all come from our ASB fundraisers that happen at the beginning of the school year. Those funds are then used for the pep rallies, and dances; it all goes back to the students. So, they raise the funds and then we get to use them throughout the year.” 

This is part of the planning for dances, pep rallies, and other events. It takes about a month to plan a dance and a couple of weeks to plan a pep rally! So, as one can tell, these students sure put much effort into these school occasions. And, of course, this could not be possible without Ms. Amorin. She really enhances independence and leadership. She carefully guides the class and gives helpful feedback to the students. As can be seen, after much planning, diligent work, decoration, and revising, ASB, at the end of the day, manages to give us a spectacular result that amazes us all!