The Yearbook Journey


Mackenzie Vera, Contributor

The Journey of Creating the Yearbook

After vigorous hours of hard work, the 2023 yearbook is finished!

From the beginning of the school year to the end of March, the yearbook committee has put in hours of hard work into making sure that this yearbook is perfect. These students have been determined to have the best photos and quotes possible since the very beginning. With permission, students have visited many classrooms where they are able to quietly do yearbook work with students and teachers without causing a disturbance. Without these hard-working students, our yearbook would not be as amazing as it is. 

Students may wonder how the yearbook is created or what is used in order to make the yearbook. Through some trial and error, students get to think of designs in order to create the yearbook cover. They are also assigned pages on a website called Jostens where they have access to design pages depending on what the topic is. This is Khole Manriquez’s first year working on the yearbook and she has been such a huge collaborator! She says that “Jostens was kind of like freestyle and it allowed me to create whatever I wanted. In the beginning, I didn’t know how to use anything but as time went on it was easy and super fun! I don’t think I’ll do yearbook next year but this class is really fun and hopefully other students enjoy it as well.”

Throughout the year, students took time out of class in order to take pictures of classrooms, events, students, or teachers. There are times when it takes one shot and you have the perfect picture. While other times, you have to retake a picture numerous times in order to get that impeccable picture. Kyle Khong has taken many photos this year using different types of cameras! Although he did not have much experience with photography when joining the yearbook, his skills have grown and he is now a phenomenal photographer. Kyle states that “Photography is a relaxing activity that helps to clear your head. Although not all pictures turn out how you want. When that happens, I just keep re-taking them til I believe that the quality is good enough to use and if I just like it overall.”

Yearbook is a class that allows students to be creative and to let that creativity flow! Students are given a chance to have control over what they want this special book to look like! This class is amazing to take as an elective if you’re interested in being a part of creating a book full of memories.