School Clubs: Finding Your Interests 

Dana Elquza and Brooke Polomsky

Extracurriculars are important and fun to participate in during school, but which one best suits you and how can you join?


Club organizers have been interviewed about the clubs they direct at our school. They shared their information about the club’s meeting dates, where the meetings are held, and general information about the club. The purpose of these interviews is to inform students about these clubs that may not be well-known so students can join these extracurricular activities based on their enjoyment. 


Let’s look at most of the clubs hosted at Travis Ranch Middle School:


Chess Club: “We come together and teach students how to play chess and do tournaments.” – Mr. Horton

If you don’t know how to play, you will be taught by Mr. Horton. They have tournaments to determine the best chess player. They meet on Wednesdays during lunch. They are open to new members. 


Debate Club: “Debate Club teaches you how to argue and express your opinions in an educated and fun way. As I always say, don’t raise your voice; improve your argument.” – Dana Elquza.

Debate Club teaches students how to debate properly: receiving a topic and trying to argue/convince why you’re right and the opposing side is wrong. Winners of each debate win prizes. We have debate tournaments in class and go on trips to competitions (optional). Debate Club meets every Tuesday during lunch. They are always open to new people who want to join. Mrs. Hollingsworth supervises this club, but run by debate president Dana Elquza. Please email [email protected] for interest in joining or any further information. 


Baking Club: Baking Club is for students who are passionate about baking and love trying new recipes.” -Mrs. Rho

They meet once or twice a month. The Baking Club is run by a student leader: Hailey Stuteville. Unfortunately, due to high interest in participating in the club, they are no longer open to new members. 


Crafting Club:  “ Leaders of Crafting Club bring materials each week to craft things, similar to art.” -Mrs. Carlos

The student leaders direct the club, Mrs. Carlos supervises it. They meet every Tuesday at lunch in Mrs. Carlos’s room and on Thursdays in Mrs. Wilson’s. They are open to any new members interested in joining—email [email protected] for additional information.


TRCN Club: “Joining TRCN is an excellent way to get involved in school, but instead of running events, you’re encouraged to be creative and share stories about the events.” – Mrs. Chen

TRCN Club offers an opportunity for students to participate in duties and activities that Yearbook and Video Production students do, but without being graded for them. They meet once a month to discuss any assignments posted on their Google Classroom, like a segment for the daily announcements or pictures for the yearbook. The club is run by Mrs. Chen and student leaders: Mackenzie Vera, Dana Elquza, Claire Phee, Abigail Kim, Jack Spillane, and Kyle Khong. They are always open to new members; email [email protected] for more details. 


Entrepreneur Club: “Entrepreneur Club is focussed on teaching students how to run their own business and discussing which businesses they should try to execute.” – Bella Blanco

All the money raised from their sales goes to donations for cancer research. What an incredible cause, indeed! Mr. Horton supervises the club, but it’s run by a student leader: Bella Blanco. They meet every Tuesday after school from 3:40-4:40. Email [email protected] for interest in joining either Entrepreneur or Chess Club. 


Athletic Club: “We plan lunchtime and after-school intramurals as well as help decide which equipment is purchased through our athletic budget.” – Mr. Shay

Mr. Shay and Mr. Duran advise the athletic club, but the club is student-run. The athletic club is suitable for students who are passionate about sports and enjoy trying or learning about new ones. They meet every third Wednesday of each month in the morning. The athletic club is always open to new members. If you are interested in joining or have any further questions, please email Mr. Shay ([email protected]) or Mr. Duran ([email protected]).