Color Guard Showcase at El Dorado High School!


Emily Darnell

Travis Ranch Color Guard team performed at El Dorado

On March 31st, 2022, the Travis Ranch Color Guard team performed their program ¨Colorblind,¨ at Eldorado High to show off what their coaches have put together and how hard they have worked. The show’s lead, Sally Patterson, was extra excited to show off because most eyes go to the soloist. Sally portrayed a girl in a gray dress while everyone else was wearing a yellow dress. With every team that performed came another applause from every school. The most supportive team was from Esperanza High School. Even with every performance that night, Travis Ranch was the only school that received a standing ovation.

¨The Travis routine was so heartfelt [that] I started to cry. It was really well put together,” Ariana, one of the coaches from YLHS, says.

Travis Ranch band director Mr. Nuss says that ¨Colorblind,¨ has a significant awe factor and is rememberable because it tells a story. One of the girls from Esperanza High, Grace, says, ¨This is my favorite performance night because it is like I’m just with my big family¨.

The girls ended the night by watching other teams perform and taking group photos. All the girls have learned how important having a relationship with other teams is because they will always have your back and support you as long as you are in color guard. Everyone loves everyone.

At the end of the girls’ performance, soloist Sally Patterson is finally accepted and can embrace her differences and still be loved by her group. No acting was necessary for this pose. All the girls do genuinely love and care about each other.