What’s for lunch?


Cali Penilla, Contributor

Have you ever thought of what kids think about cafeteria lunches? What do students have to say about the food and do they like the food? What should be added to the cafeteria lunches? 

Cafeteria lunches are a big thing at schools. I mean, that’s where you get the lunch you’re going to eat for the whole day, so it should be important.  Here are what some of the students at Travis Ranch Middle School like about the cafeteria lunches, and what they think the school should add.  For this week’s lunch menu they are serving hamburgers, fries, pizza, and more.  The lunches change every day. One day, it could be pizza, the next it could be hamburgers or white rice with chicken. They usually serve hot lunches most of the time, but also have cold lunch options like salads or sandwiches.  Some students say they would like it if the district did fast food places for lunch too. 

In my opinion, I think that school lunches are good. My favorite thing about school lunches is the pizza. I personally just wish that they would add more food choices. 

For example, this is what some Travis Ranch students have to say about school lunches.  Alexa Gonzalez says “The food is good but I think they should add more choices to the lunches.” 

I agree with Alexa Gonzalez because they don’t really have that many choices and repeat a lot of the same things. 

Tayloran Sicard says “I think the food is pretty good, I’m not a big fan of the pizza but I know that’s popular. I honestly don’t think they need to add anything, I think that they have a good variety of foods, and there is nothing to add.”   Alexa Gonzalez and Tayloran Sicard have different opinions but from both sides, they make a solid point. 

Overall, the lunches at our school aren’t too bad. They definitely aren’t the best, but they aren’t the worst either.  I personally hope we can get more variety, and maybe even a popular fast food place or a food truck once in a while.


(Picture from: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/10/opinion/universal-free-school-lunch.html)