Fancy Eating


Jared Bean, Contributor

Expensive foods and their prices.

How does creative and expensive food, smell, taste, look, and feel, and how expensive is it?

Anyone who has eaten these expensive foods, at any time, either paid for it or someone else did. Usually, restaurants sell these foods, but also can be sold anywhere really. Also, these foods are pretty high in money but have great tastes, so it’s worth it though? People would only eat it if they were rich and/or wanted to eat it or someone saved up enough money just for this meal.

What Is the Most Expensive Food in the world? The world’s most expensive food item is White Alba Truffle. This truffle 2007 was being sold for $330,000. That’s insane a lot of money just poof gone because of this little plant called a White Alba Truffle I mean come seriously who would pay for that other than Elon Musk. Link – What is the 2nd world’s most expensive food in the world? The world’s 2nd most expensive food item is Beluga caviar. This food item for just a kilo is around $26,000 in the U.S.  The Beluga caviar has a salty, earthy, rich taste.  Link –  

This finishes off this article to say that these rare and exotic foods are really expensive and have amazing flavors. Also really only rich or high-class people would want to buy these things, so remember there are a lot more expensive foods out there in the world.

So there are a lot of different and exotic foods and delicacies, and that concludes this and goodbye.