5th Graders on Middle School

Milania Sanderson, Contributor

I asked my 5th-grade sister for her thoughts on coming to middle school. I also asked her if covid has affected her thoughts.

Many kids could be scared or excited about middle school, and I wonder if the kids feel any different about middle school now that covid has impacted us. During covid, I wonder if my sister felt more shy or scared since quarantine may have made her feel lonely. She might also feel like she is excited to see her friends and see what middle school is like.

First, I want to know my sister’s (5th grader) original thoughts about coming to middle school.

She is very excited about the teachers since she thinks they will be fun. She is also happy about having multiple classes since she’s used to being in one room all day.

I agree with my sister since I felt the same way when I was her age, and I honestly feel like middle school is better and a bit easier than elementary, and now I feel less stress than I thought in elementary. It’s also more organized with the different classes and easier to learn.

“I’m excited about middle school because I heard and think the teachers would be fun,” another 5th grader states.

I have been telling my sister that middle school is better than elementary to motivate her, and what I say affects her thoughts.

“I am also excited for middle school because of the different classes because now I won’t be in the same room for a long time every day.” 

The 5th graders think covid impacted their thoughts since they have new friends. All in all, they feel that middle school could be, at the very least, fun. My sister stated that she also thinks she could be confused and not remember all her classes. She feels confident but unsure about middle school and how she will feel going into a new school with new people.