The superior animal companion


Kelley Van Otterloo, Contributor

Are dogs or cats a better pet? 

People worldwide battle it out on which the better pet is? Dog or cat. Some people will even ask are you a dog or cat person and judge their whole idea of someone off of that. Dog people and cat people are usually complete opposites, which I find pretty remarkable considering I don’t think dogs and cats are extraordinarily different.

Folks are constantly debating if a dog or cat is the better pet. It can be great to argue about it, especially if you have reasonable evidence to back yourself up. This conversation also sparks the question, how is this even an argument?

I think dogs and cats have risen to the top of the pet pyramid, and people want to know which is the better pet to have?

I think it’s important to know that I am a dog person (I don’t know if you noticed, but throughout the whole article, each time I mentioned a dog or cat, I put dog first). Even though I firmly believe dogs are better, I am still open to the idea that cats are good pets. I even had two cats before I had a dog.

Fellow student Selena Mejia states, “I like dogs more because they are cuter.”

A fact I’ve learned is that scientists have figured out that dogs are more intelligent than cats. They process twice the number of neurons than cats. Neurons are cells that process information. This fact may not help with the likeability, but it helps the dog understand a person more. “Dogs are better, cuter, friendlier, and less scary, “states Ella Vasquez.

Overall, dogs and cats are equal pets, and I would say that it comes down to a person’s opinion and personality whether they like one or the other more. It also can come down to certain dogs and cats. Some dogs are the sweetest and most excellent dogs you will ever meet, while some are mean. This is the same with cats. Some will snuggle with you while others hiss at your existence.]

Editor’s note: Rabbits are the superior pet.