Valentine’s Dress Up!

Brooke Polomsky, Contributor

Dress up with red and pink on Valentine’s day!

Students are dressing up for Valentine’s to celebrate the holiday. Staff and students will be wearing red and pink and getting appreciation for showing the holiday spirit. People may earn candy grams from their friends which will be delivered to their classrooms by encore. Valentines Spirit Day is to show love and admiration to your friends and the important people you love in your life.

Why do you believe dressing up for holidays, especially Valentine’s Day, is important?

“I think that the coordination ASB creates to bring everyone together to wear the same color(s) really resembles the importance of this day. Valentine’s is a special day to treat your loved ones with endearment and affection. People get creative and show that love in many forms like chocolates, cards, or even just kind words.”

  • Dana Elquza (ASB LEADER)

Valentine’s Day is associated with candy, flowers, and other treats to give to your loved ones. Where did this tradition actually come from? The holiday originated from a Christian feast day honoring a saint named Valentine. Valentine was known for disobeying the Roman emperor’s orders and secretly marrying couples to spare the husbands from war. It is for this reason that his feast day is associated with love. Through later folk traditions, it has become a significant cultural and commercial celebration of romance and love in many regions of the world.

What is your favorite part of Valentine’s Dress up Day?

“I think that my favorite part about valentines dress-up day is how we are able to get the whole school involved in dress-up day.”

  • Mackenzie Vera (ASB LEADER)

Valentine’s dress-up day was a fun memory to have because everyone enjoyed getting candy grams and valentines from their friends.