High School is on its Way!


Shelby MacNeil, Contributor

Whoo Hoo! The end of the school year is near! High school is approaching for this year’s 8th graders very fast. 

On Friday, April 14, the third quarter of this school year-end. This means that the school year has one quarter left until summer break. Students here have had a remarkable middle school career, with their loving friends and friendly staff. Travis Ranch continues to teach students great skills and help them accelerate in all categories. Everyone at Travis Ranch Middle School is so happy that this year is almost over; well almost everyone. Multiple 8th graders here are sad that they will leave middle school and enter high school.

With one quarter left of the 22-23 school year, the 8th graders at this school are starting to realize that middle school is coming to an end. Some of these students have been at Travis Ranch since Tiny Tots (before preschool).  These students have grown up together, and are sad that they will be leaving each other soon.

I am very excited to start this new chapter in life. My memories from Travis Ranch will stick with me forever but I can’t wait to see what high school brings!” – Morgan Spillane (an 8th grader). 

Here at Travis Ranch, most kids are split up into a few main high schools. Some include Esperanza High School, Yorba Linda High School, and El Dorado High School. Therefore, lifelong friends and friend groups get split apart. Most people will have to leave their best friends, which makes them sad. These friends have become their family and now that they will have to go their separate ways for high school, it pains them. 

I am both sad but also happy to be leaving Travis Ranch because I’m kind of scared to be going into high school, but also excited because there are so many different possibilities and memories I’ll be able to create with new people.” – Jilllian De La Cruz (an 8th grader). 

Although leaving middle school is just a part of life, it still affects students greatly. The memories made in middle school are carried with you for the rest of your life. The friends and friendships that you build at this age can result in lifelong support. Even though it might not feel like life goes by fast, just cherish every living moment of it.