Full Steam Ahead

Colorguard begins its season with Annual Heritage Parade

Kiana Brumbaugh, Photojournalist

The Travis Ranch band and colorguard teams tool part in the Annual Placentia Heritage Day Parade on October 14th. Colorguard is a sport that many people enjoy to take part in. There are two seasons included in this event such as Parade Season and Winter Guard. Recently, the team has started learning routines to perform with the marching band.  Some of the different things you will see when they perform include flags, banner, dance, and more. They will continue their competition season at the 42nd Annual PYLUSD Band Pageant on November 1st. In parade season, Color Guard performs at Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and more. You can see them march at Disneyland on February 16. 

Terri Neal, a returning member of the team enjoys the overall creativity that colorguard brings,  “I believe Color Guard is entertaining and a terrific experience that lets you try something out of the ordinary and unique.” Members are filled with amusement to hear all the things they get to master this year, and know they can be the outstanding performing band and colorguard out of all the schools performing arts. One thing that makes each team member special, is how everyone at some point, while performing, will get have their own solo toss or routine that gives them a chance to shine. This team builds confidence in what they do, and everyone enjoys spending time with each other. In Winterguard, colorguard performs to a song chosen by the coach that expresses feelings and emotions, as well as their costumes that best represents what the song is about.

This sport is very interesting and complex and that takes lots of effort. You can contact Mrs. Schnakenburg in May if you would like to be a part of this after-school  sport.