Mystery To Us All

Ava Langpap, Photojournalist

On April 20th, 2018, Travis Ranch hosted its very last dance of the year. Except, unlike the school’s other dances, this extremely special dance was announced to the students as a “mystery theme,” and only the colors blue, green, and pink were given.

Upon arriving, the “mystery dance” was revealed to revolve around a “rainforest theme,” and anyone who wanted to capture the moment during their last dance of the year headed over to Travis’s “photobooth”. This being where an intricately designed rainforest-themed background had been displayed, and for only $1, you could go home with a memorable snapshot of both you and your friends!  

Instantly after entering the gym, a long swaying lined formed of students eagerly waiting to get their hands on some Yogurtland that had been booked by the school. For only $5, how could anyone miss out on that opportunity?! Although some of the unluckier students didn’t make it on time, Travis came prepared with countless other snacks and beverages to make up for it. Some of these tasty snacks included chips, candies of all sorts, cookies, juice, and of course, some water; something for almost everyone to enjoy!

I think all of us could agree that our very last dance of the year should end with a “bang;” well that’s exactly what the school decided to do! About midway through the dance, as the majority of the students had gathered in the center of the gym, Travis’s very own confetti cannon was brought out and fired out over the heads of the crowd! The cannon continued to go off several more times as the dance progressed, and everyone on the dance floor only seemed to get more enthusiastic with each blow!

¨My favorite part of the dance was the confetti cannon because it was something the school had never done before.¨ -Zachary Denison(8th Grade)

Our school, Travis Ranch, has never in the history of all dances here, ever planned something along the lines of this, and due to all the fun and positive comments about the “Rainforest Dance,” I’m sure they will consider planning something like this again somewhere in the future! At the end of the day, I think everyone attending could agree that Travis managed to make the last dance of the year a complete and utter success!