8th Graders Interests – Meaning


Jared Bean

What are 8th graders’ interests in high school? How can our planet evolve in this act of 8th graders’ interests in high school? The 8th graders of 2021-22, this is for the growth and expansion of our economy and technology. This is for High school, at Travis Ranch to high school’s. For adults/scientists around the world getting a percentage of teenagers interested in and are going to be when they grow up, to see how our planet evolves. This can happen by asking two 8th graders what they are interested in for high school.

This will connect/evolve our world until the end of this generation. Also, it will affect the other generations that will come and learn from our ways and actions either good or bad. “I’m going to do Spanish and a Science class for high school. If I take a world language I can help with the world’s communication for the benefit of work and other things“ – Zackary Jones.  This can also lead to how our problems today in our everyday life can be solved. Problems today could be global warming, pollution in the air/ocean, addictions, and bacteria/viruses. “I’m going to do Spanish and some sort of Computer Science class, and this will benefit society by being able to communicate with others and work on coding and creating new technology“ – David Jung.

As a result of the interviews, we have high school classes that these students are taking next year which are foreign language(s), science, and a computer science class.  As a reminder, this is just a little speck of a percentage of how the future will be changed by the classes of teenagers’ interests.