The Last Lu’au!


Mackenzie Vera, Contributor

After almost a full year of outdoor dances, this final event was held in the gym.

For a while, dances at Travus Ranch were outside thanks to the quick spread of COVID. With the mask mandate for schools being lifted, a dance is finally allowed to be in the gym. Students on and off campus have all been talking non-stop about the dance and how excited they are about it. Not only are they excited about the dance being indoors, but they’re also happy for the arcade to be open!

With this dance being the first in the gym since COVID, many students showed up. Not just for the dance itself, but to enjoy hanging out with friends. That and also getting shaved ice and playing in the arcade. 

Student Artemis Correll says, “Yes, the dance was very fun, and my favorite part was probably hanging out with some of my friends!”

The dance this year wouldn’t be happening if not for this school’s wonderful ASB! With their excellent organization skills, these students could give the rest of the school a wonderful dance experience while also enjoying it themselves. ASB director Vanessa Amorin says that “ASB works well together when it comes to organizing a dance. ASB divides and conquers tasks like decorations, making posters, and having students run concessions. As they plan, they get excited about having students attend. This time around, we are all even more excited about being back n the gym and having the arcade open for use.” 

The last dance of the school year was a blast! Many students were seen hanging out with friends, playing arcade games, and even dancing! Thanks to ASB, this dance was definitely a success.