Mission to Mars Presentation: First Science Project of the Year!


Mackenzie Vera and Jacob Jia

8th graders in both Mrs. Chapluck and Mrs. Beelner presented their landers to judges starting from Dec. 20-22.

Before Thanksgiving break, 8th-grade students in science started their mission to mars project. Throughout the month of December, students worked hard to plan their lander, how it would work, and how they would present. Student Kyle Khong has stated that “I was a bit overconfident. Everything was going well until the parachute did not open. I could’ve planned the design better but again, I was overconfident. In the end, I still got a 10/10, and I’ll take that.”

 At the end of the project came the most important part, the presentation. The presentation was calming and easy to prepare for, and a lot of people put a lot of effort into making their presentation the best of the best. Thai Sengvillay says, “It was calming, to be honest. Although there were a few struggles with being a team of three, my team and I were able to push through it and had a great presentation.”

In the end, the Mission to Mars project was a huge success! Almost every group got a good grade, and even if some people were missing, someone had to go solo, or someone forgot to do something, it all ended well.

Jacob Jia, Logan Perry, and Jason Pryne, had the best egg drop in the 8th grade. On 12/6/22 on the Blacktop of the middle school basketball courts. This was because of the flight time. Weight and egg condition were perfect. Since the parachute was good and the weight was just fine. On the MtM Final Drop Stats, it shows that the lander with the lightest weight’s egg condition was a 3 out of ten. The weight was good but the protection of the egg wasn’t, on Jacob’s ladder it was 114 grams and the egg condition was the best. Jacob’s flight time was pretty good too compared to Bradon’s lander. “Your lander had a very good flight time, and overall really good” said Thai S.

Jacob’s ladder was overall the best lender in the whole 8th grade, with very good stats like the flight time and weight. “Your lender had very good overall stats,” stated student Claire P. This lander was very surprising for the team. It leaves them to the presentations to the judges and sees how they do.