Music Is a Lifestyle!


Addy Hassen, Claire Gress, and Riley Stem

Music is something that some people can’t live without.  

Music strongly impacts teens’ everyday life and can determine how a person feels. To some people, music can relieve stress, anxiety, and pain. The benefits of listening to music are that it elevates mood, eases pain, improves sleep schedule, and helps with memory. We also found that certain music can increase your intelligence because it helps people focus more. Depending on what genre of music you listen to, it can determine some of your personality traits and how you present yourself to other people. Music also can have a bad effect on people; it could cause people to fall into depression.

Personally, when I listen to music, I feel excited and happy. We interviewed two students, and here is what Khloe Manriquez had to say, ”My favorite song is Golden Hour by JVK; when I first heard that song, I just really felt it, and I love the beat and rhyme of the song.”

Also, here is what the other student, Mackenzie Vera had to say, “My favorite song is Therese by Maya Hawk because it really fits my vibe, and it’s a varying calming song.”

Music has a large effect on people, let alone students. It helps students relieve stress and anxiety, and it can change a student’s mood or feelings depending on what type of music that people listen to.

You can also learn a lot about a person and what type of music they are into. Overall, music has a strong effect on people and their moods.